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Shuichi Minamino


Player: starsandauras
Subject: Kurama with a cameo from Angie (Used with permission)
Table: A
Prompt: Gloves

Kurama had always found gloves useless. He was a shape shifter, after all. Why use gloves when all you have to do is make your fingerprints disappear or alter them to match someone else’s?

Sometimes, he would go back to the scene to watch the authorities scramble, looking for prints that were never there. He especially loved it when the new officers correctly assumed demonic actions, only to be shot down by their more experienced, although less worldly superiors.

Never let it be said Kurama wasn’t a sadistic bastard at times.

Then he saw Angie Thompson slide her gloves off of her hands one day. He watched, eyes fixed on her hands, as the latex uncovered smooth, pale fingers with perfect nails. He dimly made a note to make her some sort of moisturizer, since she had to wash her hands so many times, being a nurse.

But after seeing that and having the image in his mind for days afterwards, he had to admit…

Maybe gloves weren’t as useless as he thought.
Tags: drabble, table a
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