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Player: starsandauras
Subject: Kurama with passing mentions of Angie, Kaito (Used with permission) and Yuusuke... who I forgot to get permission for.. whups.
Table: A
Prompt: Secret

Kurama kept many secrets. He always had, really. It was both simply his nature and to his advantage to do so.

Most secrets he kept gladly. Not telling Angie he was a thief, not informing the community at large of his status as a demon, not telling Yuusuke about his very brief infatuation with him -- no sense in giving the boy a heart attack, after all -- and telling no one the identity of Kaitou Kid.

One secret, however, tore at his heart every day. His human mother still believed her son really was her son and was a normal human, although with unusual coloring, and Kurama was determined to see to it that she went to her grave thinking that.

Unfortunately, Kurama had come to love his mother and with it, he had come to hate lying to her. He wanted to tell her the truth as much as he wanted to keep it from her. Not just out of protection for her, but out of protection for himself. Even in the Heisei era, people still believed in kitsunetsuki, possession by kitsune. His grandmother, when she had been alive, would call him her kitsune human for his fondness for inari zushi and other foods kitsune were known to prefer. Honestly, there were days he suspected she knew the truth, especially since he learned after she died that she had been one of his preferred geisha when he visited the Ningenkai. If she had known, however, she hadn’t said anything to Shiori, because she likely would have -- and probably still would -- taken him down to the nearest Inari shrine to be exorcised.

While he did dearly love Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto, he had no desire to visit it under such circumstances.

And in the event he proved to be free of possession, he didn’t want to break his mother’s heart with the knowledge that her only son, her near miracle child, was in fact a demon fox. If he was one of Inari’s foxes he was fairly sure she would have been proud and accepting. But to hear her dear son was truly Yoko Kurama, one of the most feared and deadly thieves of the Makai… No. No, he couldn’t do that to her.

Some secrets, after all, should be kept.
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